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Examples of the most common types of repairs:

Optical drive issues: CD/DVD is skipping or can't read media
- optical drive cleaning
- pick-up assembly or optical drive replacement

A precise adjustment procedure using top quality equipment (required by manufacturers) follows after each intervention or replacement.

Protected modes issues:
- the device won't turn on, LED light is flashing - usually a serious issue (don't try to turn it on again!)
- power supply issues
- shorted power transistors, heat damage, overload, dry joints

In case of replacing the important (power) transistors in AV amplifiers - a precise setting of idle current is required for the proper function and the achievement of the highest sound quality without any distortion or overheating.

Tape deck issues: tangled tapes, speed fluctuation
- belt replacement
- audio head cleaning

Calibration tapes are used for the measurement and adjustment of the precise sound quality.

Small repairs and adjustments are done while you wait.